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What are spindles?

The spindle is the suspension component that carries the hub for the wheel and attaches to the upper and lower control arms.


What are drop spindles?

Drop-spindles relocate the hub to a higher position, allowing you to lower your vehicle using factory springs and shocks, and maintaining the OEM factory ride.


What is a ball joint drop kit?

Using the same ideology as the drop spindle, lowering drop ball joints replace the stock lower ball joint and relocate the upper ball joint position. The design allows the vehicle to retain the use of stock wheels without any clearance issues while providing the lowering needed.


What are lift spindles?

A lift spindle relocates the hub position on the steering knuckles, allowing you to lift your vehicle while maintaining the OEM tie rod and steering arm geometry. All of this helps maintain a better ride.

Wilwood 820-9582 WWE Spindle Steering Arm / Wilwood 820-9582 WWE Spindle Steering Arm
Part# WIL-820-9582
$54.96  $39.99