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CoilOver Suspension


What is a coilover?

Coilovers are suspension components that incorporate springs and shocks/struts into one product. The actual name coilover is an abbreviation of "coil-over shock absorber”. Most coilover suspension kits are height adjustable, allowing you to lower and raise your ride height.


Are coilovers better than springs?

Coilovers are a great alternative to a lowering spring set up because they allow you to adjust your ride height while they are on your vehicle, without sacrificing ride quality as you adjust. Unlike springs, you are not stuck to one ride height and suspension rate. Most race vehicles incorporate a coilover suspension system for maximum performance and adjustability.  


Which is better coilovers or shocks?

Coilovers offer the best combination of performance, ride quality and adjustability. Most manufacturers offer a variety of spring rate options to allow you to find your sweet spot for daily driving and performance needs.


Are coilovers good for daily driving?

Yes, if you purchase a good quality coilover suspension system from Accesspeed. A good quality system will ride nice, assuming you do not have the settings dropped too far.