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What are the different types of lift kits?

There are three (3) different types of lift kits: suspension lift kits, leveling kits (also called spacer lift kits), and body lift kits. All three will allow you to install taller tires, but not all three offer the same level of performance or ride comfort.

Suspension lift kits are the best options for lifting your vehicle. These kits are designed and manufactured with components to help adjust your OEM parts to the different geometry that is used by the suspension lift kit.

Leveling kits (spacer lift kits) use spring spacers with and without shocks to “level” your vehicle and give it some extra height. Most of these options provide a 1” to 3” height gain.

Body lift kits raise the body of your vehicle by adding spacers over the body mount bushings. This type of lift does not affect your ride quality or handling, but offers no performance advantage. However, you do gain height and tire clearance without changing suspension geometry.  

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