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Granatelli Motor Sports

Granatelli Motor Sports Late Model Performance and Suspension Products


Founded in 1989 by J.R. Granatelli and now headquartered in Oxnard, California, Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS) designs, engineers, distributes and installs after-market performance automotive parts and accessories. The Company's strong engineering background enables GMS to focus on designing and engineering computer based electronic components such as mass airflow sensors, computer tuners, flash tools, and diesel modules as well as suspension systems and components for American Muscle cars like Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, GT500, SRT8 Challenger, Charger and 300C. The Company's products are available nationwide through most mail order programs, retailers, dealers and warehouse distributors. Granatelli operating out of a 42,000 facility in sunny Southern California and is a California Corporation.

Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS) innovative designs allow the Company to be the premier name in the market. Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS) innovations include the first aftermarket F-body torque arm, the first and only Gen 4 F-body calibrated 200 MPH speedometer for the aftermarket and most importantly Granatelli was the first company to produce a 50 state legal centrifugal supercharger system. As their crowning achievement they went on to create the Novi-2000 supercharger, a dead quite helical gear design that is capable of over 1000 (50 state legal) horsepower. Today, GMS offers impressive performance innovations including the world's only S197 calibrated mass airflow sensor, complete suspension systems for Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, Chevrolet Corvettes and the world's most powerful single and twin turbocharging systems for all American Muscle cars including Mustangs, Camaros and Corvettes, as well as SRT 8 Challengers, Chargers and 300C.

The Granatelli name has been associated with speed for more than seventy years. GMS spends countless hours performing engineering evaluations and precision testing to ensure its customers' innovative products and advanced automotive solutions. GMS offers professional installations that are consistent with the Company's high standards. GMS helped establish the standards set forth by the California Air Resources Board ("CARB") enabling the Company to secure approval for many companies in the aftermarket manufacturing forced induction systems, camshafts, exhaust systems, cylinder heads and mass airflow sensors.  Accesspeed is proud to offer Granatelli Motor Sports products to our customers. With our low price match guarantee, you will always find the best combination of price and selection for Granatelli products at Accesspeed.

Below are some of the Granatelli Motor Sports products offered by Accesspeed:

  • Braking System Line Locks
  • Bumper Savers
  • Coil Covers
  • Exhaust Cutouts, Turn Downs, V-Bands & Mufflers
  • Engine Components
  • Fuel System Components
  • Ignition
  • Mass Airflow Sensors
  • Oval Exhaust
  • Suspension/Chassis
  • Throttle Bodies
  • Valve Covers