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Car Covers and Front Bras

Car Covers, Front Masks and Front Bras


Whether you drive a new luxury vehicle or a 25 year old truck, these products can help you protect your investment. Accesspeed offers cutom-fit and universal covers for most cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs. Below are a few popular questions and answers/ 


Should you cover your car?

Yes. Using a car cover will keep your vehicle clean and save you time and money, as you can wash less frequently. Regardless of your location, your vehicle will get dusty and dirty without a car cover, even in your garage or storage unit.


Can a car cover scratch your paint?

No matter what material your cover is made of, if you put your cover onto a dirty, dusty or wet vehicle, you do risk scratching or damaging your paint if you are not careful. If you are unable to cover your vehicle when it is clean and dry, Accesspeed recommends purchasing a Duster to help get the dust off prior to covering.  


Should I cover my car in the garage?

Yes. Virtually all garages, shops and storage units allow dust and debris in, and it settles on your vehicle. Even inside, using a cover will keep your vehicle cleaner and protect it from scratches and dings.


What is a car bra or car mask?

Car bras and masks are designed to save your vehicle from any road hazards that may pop up in front of your bumper unexpectedly. Most bras and masks are made using a thick, durable vinyl material that provides a solid barrier against smaller debris, bugs, and rocks, preventing unwanted dings, dents and scratches to the front of your vehicle.