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ARP - Automotive Racing Products

ARP Automotive Racing Products Engine and Driveline Fasteners, Diesel Bulletproof Kits and More


They say that to be successful you must identify a need and satisfy it. Back the early 970s, racing enthusiast Gary Holzapfel saw that many of his friends’ broken engines were caused by fastener failure. At the time, there were no commercially available studs and bolts up to the challenge. So Holzapfel called upon his many years of fastener making experience for a leading aerospace subcontractor and founded ARP (Automotive Racing Products). In the ensuing years, the firm has grown from what was literally a backyard garage workshop into a highly diversified manufacturer with seven operational entities in Southern California with a combined area in excess of 200,000 square feet. These include forging, heat-treating, machining, quality control finishing and packaging/warehousing facilities in Santa Paula and Ventura, California. There is even a unique racing-themed restaurant at the main Santa Paula facility - called “Hozy’s Grill” - which is open to the public.

Today, ARP’s product line contains thousands of part numbers, and has expanded to include virtually every fastener found in an engine and driveline and throughout the suspension and frame. These range from quality high performance OEM replacement parts to exotic specialty hardware for Formula , IndyCar, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing and marine applications. The current ARP lineup of bolts, studs and other fasteners includes Head Studs, Rod Bolts, diesel bulletproof kits, Air Cleaner Studs, Alternator, Harmonic Balancer,  Square Balancer,  Bellhousing, Brake Hat, Break-away Blower, Cam, Cam Drive, Cam Sprocket, Cam Tower, Carburetor Studs, Carburetor Float Bowl, Carrier Fastener, Case Bolts, Clutch Cover, Coil Bracket, Crankcase, Cylinder Head, Distributor, Drive Plate, Engine, Exhaust, Flexplate, Flywheel, Front Cover, Front Mandrel, Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump Pushrod, Head, Header, Intake Manifold, Intake Valley Cover, Lower Pulley, Mains, Motor Mount, Oil Pan, Oil Pump, Oil Pump Driveshaft, Oil Pump Primer, Pressure Plate, Rear End Cover, Rear Main Seal Plate, Ring Compressor, Ring Gear, Ring Square Tool, Rocker Arm Stud, Rocker Arm Adjusters, Rod Bolts, Rod Bolt Extensions, Seal Plate, Spark Plug Indexer, Starter, Stretch Gauge, Thermostat Housing, Thread Cleaning, Timing Cover, Torque Converter, Transmission Case, Transmission Mount, Transmission Pan, Ultra-Torque, Valve Cover, Water Pump, Water Pump Pulley, Weld Bungs and more.

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