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Magnaflow Exhaust, Mufflers, Catalytic Converters, Exhaust Tips and More


MagnaFlow got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust, the parent company to MagnaFlow. Car Sound Exhaust specializes in superior catalytic converter and performance exhaust technology, and has been doing so for the past 35+ years, earning their reputation as an international market leader. In addition to the MagnaFlow brand, Car Sound Exhaust also represents Rumble and BRExhaust, further cementing the company as an industry leader in all areas of replacement and performance exhaust.



These words are not just the MagnaFlow slogan, its the philosophy that drives the company to superior quality products with the power and sound you’re looking for. As a market leader, MagnaFlow uses the best available components and the latest technology to ensure the highest levels of performance and longevity. Product offerings range from direct-fit catalytic converters and full performance stainless exhaust systems, to universal mufflers and builder’s kits which can be used to fabricate an exhaust for any application. As an ISO-9001 certified company, MagnaFlow stands behind its ability to perform and backs it up with a lifetime warranty.

Since founding the company in 1981, one thing has always been consistent: automotive enthusiasts always want more MagnaFlow. With a massive research & development environment, MagnaFlow utilizes market-leading technology and is home to several in-ground dynamometers, multiple flow benches, and a host of highly sensitive sound testing equipment to ensure that every new part passes stringent quality and performance standards before being approved for manufacturing. If it doesn’t produce power, MagnaFlow does not make it.

MagnaFlow is driven to provide you with the best sound possible. Each muffler is designed to have a highly efficient straight-through design with a perforated stainless steel core, mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill packed tightly to deliver the legendarily smooth, deep tone that MagnaFlow is known for without any sound degradation. Accesspeed is proud to offer MagnaFlow products to our customers. With our low price match guarantee, you will always find the best combination of price and selection at Accesspeed.

Below are some of the great MagnaFlow products available from Accesspeed:

  • Cat-Back Exhaust Systems
  • Axle-Back Exhaust Systems
  • Crossmember-Back Exhaust Systems
  • Turbo-Back Exhaust Systems
  • Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters
  • Manifold Catalytic Converters
  • Universal Catalytic Converters
  • CARB Compliant Catalytic Converters
  • Federal Compliant Catalytic Converters
  • Tru-X Pipes
  • Y Pipes
  • U Pipes
  • Straight-Through Mufflers
  • Glasspack Mufflers
  • Mufflers With Tips
  • Center / Center Mufflers
  • Center / Offset Mufflers
  • Center / Dual Mufflers
  • Dual / Dual Mufflers
  • Offset / Dual Mufflers
  • Offset / Offset Mufflers
  • 2" Inlet / 2" Outlet Mufflers
  • 2.25" Inlet / 2.25" Outlet Mufflers
  • 2.5" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet Mufflers
  • 3" Inlet / 3" Outlet Mufflers
  • 3.5" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet Mufflers
  • 3.5" Inlet / 3.5" Outlet Mufflers
  • 4" Inlet / 4" Outlet Mufflers
  • Collectors
  • Exhaust Cutouts
  • Ball Flanges
  • Hangers


Magnaflow 15194 Cadillac ATS 2.0 Turbo Catback Exhaust / Magnaflow 15194 Turbo-Back Exhaust System
Part# MFL-15194
$1,810.96  $1,289.86
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