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DiabloSport Gasoline and Diesel Tuning Systems, Programmers and Software


DiabloSport is a manufacturer of high performance automotive electronics that re-program a vehicle’s factory computer. DiabloSport is an industry leader in vehicle calibration, which is performed by “flashing” or re-programming vehicles through the OBD-II port (Diagnostics port).  Since 2001, DiabloSport offers industry leading performance programmers that stay ahead of the technology curves. Today, DiabloSport is the only company to offer color touch screen hand-held programmers in all of DiabloSport OBD-II flash devices. DiabloSport’s goal is to continue offering innovative electronics that are loaded with industry leading “tune” files that create better power, economy, and drivability on late model cars and trucks.

DiabloSport is a team of horsepower junkies by trade. Making the biggest possible power gain is why they go into work every day. If you feel the same way about your vehicle’s performance, you are in the right place. DiabloSport uses an in-ground Super Flow Chassis dyno to develop performance tunes, and subsequently street-test each vehicle to verify driving performance. DiabloSport will not settle for anything but the maximum horsepower and torque gains over stock. Current Diablosport products include Predator, Predator 2, Predator 2 Platinum, Pulsar, Pulsar LT, Trinity 2 EX, Trinity 2 MX, InTune I3, Jeep Programmers, Jeep Tuners, Gladiator Tuners, Gladiator Programmers, AMP’D Throttle Boosters, Reaper Air Intakes, and Jammer Air Intakes.

Quality inspection is a job shared by both person and machine. Key connection spots are checked via laser guided cameras to ensure proper conductivity. The integrity of every unit found in DiabloSport products is checked by quality control inspectors. There is no sampling of one or two products per batch at DiabloSport. Bench testing is not enough either. New tunes are tested in the field by authorized DiabloSport beta testers and changes for increased power or adjust ability are instantly released in downloadable updates.

In the 21st century, technology is everything- and the automotive world is no exception! DiabloSport’s focus is to create products that allow you to take control of your vehicle like never before. In the old days, if you wanted to tweak your vehicles’ timing you needed some tools and you went straight for the distributor, but today computer systems that do the work without user input. DiabloSport tuning devices give users access to performance parameters, allowing you to “tune” them on your own, or program them with one of DiabloSport’s dyno tested performance “tunes” that they have spent hundreds of hours developing. DiabloSport makes tuning quick, accessible, and painless- it is so easy that anyone can do it. Accesspeed is proud to offer DiabloSport products to our customers. With our lowest price match guarantee, you will always find the best combination of price and selection at Accesspeed.