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TSW Wheels

TSW wheels are born of a rich racing heritage. Founded by a former Formula One racing driver, TSW has been involved in motor racing around the globe for over thirty years. Our involvement has ranged from the grueling 24-hour Le Mans to Touring Cars to Spec Miata.

Many of the wheels are based on racing technology. TSW pioneered the race-inspired hex nut look that was featured in such standards as the Revo and Hockenheim R, which have been a popular choice for both grass-roots racing and show cars. In keeping with this rich racing heritage, many TSW wheels are named after past and present Formula One tracks.

Today, TSW has an absolutely staggering array of staggered wheel applications. Several sizes carry as many as three different widths for the perfect fitment. Staggered wheels are available in sizes from 17" to 22" staggered wheel applications. Staggered applications mean a wider wheel on the rear of the car, and consequently, a wider tire and larger lip on the back of the car. Wheel lips are as large as 5". Yes, that's right—5" lips on one-piece cast wheels! Many of the wheels are available in hyper black and hyper silver paint finishes with machine cut lips (often referred to as diamond cut or mirror cut). Although chrome is becoming more popular with TSW enthusiasts, hyper black wheels and hyper silver wheels dominate the current TSW wheel lineup.

TSW wheels are sold with hub centric to rings to ensure a vibration-free ride. TSW wheels are manufactured to extremely high standards that often significantly exceed the industry norm, resulting in a smoother, better handling ride.

TSW is predominately sold in Europe but is also a major force in North and South America, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

TSW also sells a range of Marquee-exclusive wheel brands.

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TSW 1780JAR405110B72 17x8 Jarama 5x110 +40mm Wheel - Black /
Part# TSW-1780JAR405110B72
$253.99  $184.00
TSW 1780VOR405120C76 Vortex 17x8 5x120 +40mm Wheel - Chrome /
Part# TSW-1780VOR405120C76
$374.99  $272.00
TSW 17x8 Jarama 5x110 +40mm Wheel - Hyper Silver /
Part# TSW-1780JAR405110S72
$253.99  $184.00
TSW 17x8 Silverstone 5x110 +40mm Wheel - Black /
Part# TSW-1780SIL405110B72
$253.99  $184.00
TSW 17x8 Snetterton 5x110 +40mm Wheel - HyperSilver /
Part# TSW-1780SNT405110S72
$253.99  $184.00
TSW 1880CAR355120B76 Carthage 18x8 5x120 +35mm Wheel - Black /
Part# TSW-1880CAR355120B76
$330.99  $240.00
TSW 1880VOR405120C76 Vortex 18x8 5x120 +40mm Wheel - Chrome /
Part# TSW-1880VOR405120C76
$506.99  $368.00