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Hoods, Trunks and Decklids

Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Hoods, Trunks and Rear Decklids

Aftermarket hood, trunk and rear decklid upgrades are two of the easiest ways to shave weight from your vehicle and add performance, style and fuel economy. Performance and fuel economy gains are realized via weight reduction and in some cases, the actual design and function of the product. For example, a composite hood with a functional scoop (ramair) can improve air intake and engine performance. Additionally, a hood with functional scoop and heat extraction can help make even more horsepower. In addition to weight savings, composite trunks and decklids can also provide a performance benefit if their design incorporates a lip or spoiler that increases downforce. Accesspeed carries a wide variety of carbon fiber and fiberglass hoods, trunks and rear decklids.