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Carbon Fiber Hoods, Fiberglass Hoods and Hood Scoops


Do carbon fiber or fiberglass hoods make a difference?

Yes. The weight reduction helps with performance and fuel economy. Some functional hoods even add horsepower. The weight savings with carbon fiber is even more than fiberglass.


Are carbon fiber and fiberglass hoods safe?

Carbon fiber hoods are strong and durable, but you need to make sure that the inner structure (underside) of the hood is designed to fold or crumple in the event of a front impact. The last thing you need is a giant fiberglass part sailing through your windshield like a frisbee. 


Do carbon fiber and fiberglass hoods need hood pins?

All of the hoods we carry are designed to work fine with your factory hood latch mechanism. However, we do recommend hood pins as a safety precaution, as most of our hood customers tend to be heavy on the throttle.