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Taylor Cable Products Spark Plug Wires, Ignition Wires, Distributors, Heat Protection and Battery Products


Since 1923, Taylor Cable Products has stood for quality product and customer satisfaction, and remains proud to be able to provide many products that are made in the heartland of America.  John Taylor, founder of Taylor Cable Products, invented the universal battery cable as we know it today.  Before this, battery cables were unique to the automobile manufacturer. High performance ignition wire sets and OE wiring harnesses soon followed. Taylor Cable’s corporate office and manufacturing facility is in Grandview, Missouri, a Kansas City suburb, housing 100,000 square feet of R&D, manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse space. Throughout the manufacturing process the strictest quality checks are implemented at every work cell to ensure that the highest quality parts are being produced to their respective engineering prints. Taylor engineers and technicians are constantly developing and testing new products and processes so you can have the best ignition products and accessories possible.

The fact that Taylor Cable’s exclusive vibrant 100% silicone spark plug wires, battery cable and wiring harness are OEM to some of the most well-known, quality driven companies in the world, such as John Deere, Generac and Mazda, is a testimony to Taylor’s commitment to Quality and Excellence. Taylor Cable will continue to strive to develop innovative and highly functional products for the automotive aftermarket as well. A testimony to that commitment is the ThunderVolt®50, an 8.2mm and 10.4 mm, 40 ohm 100% Zimplex® Silicone Spark Plug Wire. ThunderVolt®50 is the finest Ignition Wire to be assembled in the United States, and is unsurpassed in Performance and Quality, IROC Dyno-Tested and Race Track proven.  In 1994, Taylor Cable acquired the rights to Vertex Magneto, one of the great legends of the racing and hot rod industry. Now, as part of the Taylor Cable family, Vertex continues to improve on the quality, power, and noteworthy reliability that has made this timeless piece, a legacy. In 2010, Taylor acquired the manufacturer of the Helix Throttle Body Spacer and other billet aluminum products.  Continuing their pursuit to offer an ever-expanding product line, in 2012, Taylor acquired the manufacturer of the Seal-4-Good re-usable gaskets.  In 2013, Taylor added the TOP Glass production line to make polycarbonate products that are scratch resistant and lightweight.

Taylor Cable will always maintain a commitment to providing accessibility to their products through a worldwide comprehensive network of quality distributors and retail outlets. Today and into the future, Taylor Cable will continue to fire some of the fastest race and street vehicles in the world. The current Taylor Cable product line includes ThunderVolt 50 10.4 mm Spark Plug Wires, ThunderVolt 50 8.2mm Spark Plug Wires, Zimplex Silicone Spark Plug Wires, Taylor Cable Ignition, Spark Plug Wire Sets, Distributor Components, Boot & Heat Protection, Battery Products, Switches, Convoluted Tubing and Colored Wire Ties, Coil On Plug, VMAX Intake Manifold Spacers, Spacer-Max Valve Cover Spacers,  and Coil Covers. Accesspeed is proud to offer Taylor Cable products to our customers. With our lowest price match guarantee, you will always find the best combination of price and selection at Accesspeed.