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EBC Brakes High Performance Brake Pads & Brake Rotors


World leaders in automotive brake pad manufacturing, EBC Brakes produces the largest range of disc brake pads and brake rotors in the world. 100% made in the UK.  Using a unique Aramid fibre technology for disc pad manufacture employing high tech man made products such as Dupont Kevlar and Twaron the EBC brake product is years ahead of its competitors, most of whom manufacture using cheap steel fibre bases.  The use of Aramid fibres allows a higher degree of flexibility in compound design enabling EBC Brakes to produce a quiet and long lasting range of compounds that can improve brakes, reduce rotor wear and thereby greatly reduce brake dust found on alloy wheels. With Aramid fibre technology only 4% of the pad is the fibre used for binding and production, in steel fibre technology up to 50% is cheap binding fibre.  All EBC Brake pads for highway use are tested to ECE R90 brake safety regulations and are therefore considered a legal equivalent to and replacement for any Original Parts. The exhaustive R 90 procedures guarantee not only pad quality and performance on a model-by-model vehicle basis but also oversee conformity of production at our plant .This means EBC parts are as good as, or in most cases BETTER than original parts.

For brake rotors, EBC products excel once again with UK manufacturing for precision and quality. Made in modern series production facilities in the UK the EBC Brake rotor is cast using "Moulded out" tool patterns to produce a balanced design rotor core that prevents brake distortion and brake vibration. Precision machined and inspected the EBC Brake rotors are tested rigorously before leaving our factory.  Many EBC sport rotors have recently been tested and awarded the much accredited TUV testing approval and the resulting German ABE number signifying the highest in quality for parts sold into Europe. If this product works at the Autobahn Speeds (which are unlimited) you can be confident that EBC Brake rotors will deliver on your car, truck or SUV in any country.

When replacing brakes of any kind please remember how important brake safety is to your own well being and either have a professional mechanic install your new brakes or if you are a qualified mechanic use the EBC installation DVD as a guide in support of your vehicle owner’s manual. These installation guide DVD tasters can be viewed here and the full DVD purchased from online vendors.


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Automotive Brake Installation and Safety Hints:

Always replace brake pads when replacing rotors, it is false economy to use worn or old pads on new rotors as these can cause hot spots and promote brake fade and more than double bed in time. This is both dangerous and bad economics. Always turn or replace rotors when changing pads. If your vehicle was suffering from brake vibration, just changing the pad won’t necessarily cure the problem, the brake rotor will also need changing or turning.


EBC DP21539 Green Stuff Front Brake Pads /
Part# EBC-DP21539
$108.12  $86.50
EBC DP21645 Green Stuff Brake Pad Set - Front /
Part# EBC-DP21645
$100.83  $80.66
EBC DP21692 Green Stuff Brake Pad Set - Front /
Part# EBC-DP21692
$100.83  $80.66
EBC DP21749 EBC Green Stuff Rear Brake Pads /
Part# EBC-DP21749
$76.54  $61.23
EBC DP31704C Red Stuff Brake Pads - Rear /
Part# EBC-DP31704C
$88.68  $70.94