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Welcome to the Accesspeed FAQ Page.  This page includes Frequently Asked Questions, Technical Information and Helpful Hints. This page is a living and breathing source of information and opinions provided by our own testing and experience, manufacturer data, and industry experts. This page will be continually updated and modified to better serve Accesspeed customers.  If you have any suggestions for our FAQ page, please email your comments to us at [email protected].  Thank you!



Q: Is a Cold Air Intake really worth it? 

A: For most performance-minded enthusiasts, adding a CAI (Cold Air Intake) is one of their first upgrades. Click Here for more Cold Air Intake FAQs 



Q: I can't tell if I bedded my brake pads properly. What is the brake pad bedding process?

A: Click here to verify how to properly bed your brake pads.



Q: I think my rotor is warped. How can I confirm it?

A: Click Here for information and The Truth About Warped Rotors: ‘Warped’ Brake Disc & Other Myths of the Braking System