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Control Arms


What do performance control arms do?

Control arms control the motion of the wheels to align with the vehicle body. Aftermarket performance control arms are built stronger and/or lighter than factory OE control arms. Some aftermarket control arms are also adjustable, which Accesspeed has found makes it easier to dial-in your suspension.


Are aftermarket control arms worth it?

Yes. Many people overlook the value of good aftermarket control arms when upgrading suspension. In the long run, investing in good control arms can save you money on alignments, tires wear and bushing wear. Control arms affect suspension travel, as well. Accesspeed recommends control arm upgrades wherever possible when lifting or lowering your vehicle, as this is the one suspension upgrade that improves overall vehicle performance with no compromise.


Are adjustable control arms worth it?

Yes. When comparing the options among aftermarket control arms, the cost difference to upgrade to adjustable control arms is worth it. Based on Accesspeed testing and customer feedback, you will be able to fine-tune your ride much easier and to a smoother, more refined level than without adjustable arms.


Do I need an alignment after replacing control arms?

Accesspeed recommends an alignment after replacing all control arms. Most often, alignment is only recommended after replacing lower control arms. However, it is likely that your original arms and bushings were worn, which makes an alignment a smart decision.