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Anti-Sway Bars, Anti-Roll Bars, Stabilizer Bars and End Links


What is the purpose of a sway bar?

Sway bars, also called anti-sway bars, stabilizer bars or anti-roll bars, are used to keep your vehicle from rolling over. It is most often a U-shaped or C-shaped bar that is connected to each of the vehicle's front wheels via end links.


Do aftermarket sway bars help?

Yes. A properly designed sway bar reduces body roll for a dramatic improvement in handling. While the primary function of a sway bar is to reduce body roll in cornering, overall handling and stability improvements are evident.  With adjustable sway bars and/or sway bar end links, you can fine-tune the amount of oversteer and understeer.


Do sway bars affect ride quality?

No. Sway bars control body roll and cornering stability. Unlike changing spring rates to reduce body roll and improve handling, sway bars have no effect on ride quality or comfort.


Do you need alignment after replacing sway bars or end links?

No. Sway bar and end link installation do not affect alignment. If you lower or lift your vehicle, or if you replace the tie rods, control arms, steering rack, or subframe, you will need an alignment.


What do adjustable sway bar end links do?

Adjustable sway bar end links allow you to set the sway bar in the center of the control arms, ensuring there is no contact or binding under heavy loading and unloading. Adjustable end links give you the ability to adjust the amount of performance and handling improvement your sway bars provide.


Addco 528 Front 1-1/4" Sway Bar /
Part# ADC-528
$389.96  $297.86
Eibach 35101.310 Sway Bar: Mustang /
Part# EIB-35101.310
$379.96  $299.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 35101.312 Sway Bar: Mustang /
Part# EIB-35101.312
$369.96  $295.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 35115.312 Sway Bar: FORD, SHELBY GT500 /
Part# EIB-35115.312
$349.96  $295.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 3518.310 Sway Bar: Mustang /
Part# EIB-3518.310
$379.96  $299.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 7710.310 Sway Bar: WRX /
Part# EIB-7710.310
$349.96  $299.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 7710.312 Sway Bar: WRX /
Part# EIB-7710.312
$369.96  $275.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 7710.320 Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit: WRX /
Part# EIB-7710.320
$729.96  $580.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 7713.310 Sway Bar: WRX STi /
Part# EIB-7713.310
$369.96  $299.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 7713.312 Sway Bar: WRX STi /
Part# EIB-7713.312
$329.96  $255.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 7714.310 Sway Bar: WRX /
Part# EIB-7714.310
$379.96  $299.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 7714.312 Sway Bar: WRX /
Part# EIB-7714.312
$379.96  $295.00
Free Shipping