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Do lowering springs improve performance?

Assuming the springs are good quality, yes. Typically, the lowering springs have higher spring rates, which improves weight transfer, responsiveness and acceleration.


Do lowering springs hurt ride quality?

No. Most street and sport lowering springs are designed to ride as close to factory as possible, maintaining similar suspension travel, and minimal (up to 15% higher) spring rates. Additionally, most progressive rate street and sport springs keep the factory spring rates for the first 25-20% of spring travel, which preserves that factory ride quality.


Can I improve my spring performance without lowering my vehicle?

Yes. Several brands offer “OE Ride Height” performance springs that provide the improved handling characteristics, without lowering the vehicle stance.


Do you need an alignment after replacing springs?

Yes. You will need an alignment after replacing springs, whether lowering, stock or lifting.

Eibach 2873.140 Pro-Kit: Chrysler /
Part# EIB-2873.140
$323.33  $291.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 2876.140 Pro-Kit: Dodge /
Part# EIB-2876.140
$323.33  $291.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 2892.540 Pro-Kit: Jeep /
Part# EIB-2892.540
$360.00  $324.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 3510.140 Pro-Kit: Mustang /
Part# EIB-3510.140
$327.78  $295.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 35101.140 Pro-Kit: Mustang /
Part# EIB-35101.140
$327.78  $295.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 35115.140 Pro-Kit: FORD, SHELBY GT500 /
Part# EIB-35115.140
$327.78  $295.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 3514.140 Pro-Kit: Mustang /
Part# EIB-3514.140
$327.78  $295.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 3518.140 Pro-Kit: Mustang /
Part# EIB-3518.140
$327.78  $295.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 3801.140 Pro-Kit: Camaro Coupe V8 /
Part# EIB-3801.140
$340.00  $306.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 4.1035 Sportline Kit: Mustang /
Part# EIB-4.1035
$327.78  $279.00
Free Shipping
Eibach 7714.140 Pro-Kit: WRX /
Part# EIB-7714.140
$290.00  $261.00
Free Shipping