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Shock Absorbers and Struts


What is a shock absorber?

Shock absorbers dampen the movement of the springs by converting the spring's kinetic energy into thermal energy, heating the shock’s oil to create compression and rebound resistance levels. 


What is a strut?

For all intensive purposes, shocks and struts serve the same purpose, yet mount in different ways and provide additional functionality. Struts take the place of the upper control arm and upper ball joint used in conventional suspensions with shock absorbers. Unlike shock absorbers, struts provide structural support for the springs, and maintain the wheel and tire in alignment.

Bilstein F4-BE5-A333-H0 Heavy Duty Front Shock Absorber /
Part# BIL-F4-BE5-A333-H0
$119.96  $84.00
Eibach 3514.840 Pro Damper Kit: Mustang /
Part# EIB-3514.840
$749.96  $599.00
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Koni 82-1388SP3 MUSTANG Special D Twin-Tube Shock /
Part# KON-82-1388SP3
$262.96  $162.44
Koni 82-1389 MUSTANG Special D Twin-Tube Shock /
Part# KON-82-1389
$262.96  $162.44
Koni 8241-1217SPORT G35 Adjustable Sport Twin-Tube Shock /
Part# KON-8241-1217SPORT
$420.96  $260.40