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Are polyurethane bushings better than rubber?

Polyurethane bushings (or urethane bushings) are typically a firmer material and far better suited to handle the abuse of driving.  Urethane has a higher resistant to heat, road chemicals, oils and UV rays than rubber. Polyurethane is also wear resistant, and will outlast rubber bushings.


Do polyurethane bushings improve handling?

Yes. Polyurethane bushings have a noticeably higher durometer than the OE rubber bushings on your vehicle. This stiffer quality makes urethane bushings a better option for maintaining precise alignment of suspension components such as control arms, springs, sway bars and differentials. In most cars, you can easily notice a before and after difference when cornering.

Prothane 7-2009 Complete Bushing Kit - F-Body /
Part# PTN-7-2009
$450.60  $243.58
Prothane 7-2044 Total Bushing Kit 2010 Camaro /
Part# PTN-7-2044
$738.09  $398.98