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Tie Rods, Bump Steer, Toe Links, Steering Arms and End Links


What are bump steer kits?

Bump steer kits change the angle of the tie rods to properly align with the instant center. As the vehicle lifts or lowers, so does the steering rack. However, the tie rods do not stay in symmetry, which means the outer tie-rod angle changes, taking it out of instant center. Aftermarket adjustable bump steer kits change the location where the tie rod meets the steering knuckle, allowing tie-rod angles to be properly adjusted and aligned to instant center. 


What are tie rods and tie rod ends?

Tie rods “tie” your vehicle's steering rack to the steering arm. The steering arm is attached to the wheel at the knuckle.  Tie rod ends are the attachment points. Thus, adjustable aftermarket tie rod ends can improve steering quality and feel, while increasing reliability.


What are toe links?

Toe links keep your tires headed in the right direction and improve handling performance. Aftermarket toe links help reduce chassis deflection under hard cornering.