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What is a camber kit?

Camber kits are used to correct wheel alignment on lowered or lifted vehicles, and to provide camber adjustment for race vehicles requiring non-zero camber. Adjusting camber to the proper setting is important for even tire wear and maximum traction. Camber kits are available in several forms, including bolts, plates, and integrated arms or rods.

Camber adjustment bolts are clever eccentric bolts which allow you to add or reduce camber angles in a vehicle.

Camber plates, also called caster-camber plates, consist of a steel or aluminum mechanical plate with slotted adjustment holes that allow adjustment for negative or positive caster and camber angles. Camber arm and rod kits integrate camber adjustability into a rod or arm. Some examples include control arms, a-arms, trailing arms and multi-link arms.   


Does lowering a car affect camber?

Yes. On average, you will see -0.75 degrees of camber with every inch the vehicle is lowered. Thus, a car with a 2” drop can be off by -1.5 degrees.  

Eibach 5.66030K Pro-Alignment Camber Kit : 300C /
Part# EIB-5.66030K
$569.96  $455.00
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