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Lowering Kits and Drop Kits


Lowering Kits

Many of our customers have asked us to package lowering springs with shocks and struts, as most people want to install them at the same time. Accesspeed has put together a great selection of lowering kits that include springs and shocks. These kits are designed maximize suspension performance without sacrificing ride comfort.


Drop Kits

While you can find lowering springs and drop shackles on the Accesspeed website, we have taken the time to provide you with a selection of drop kit packages that include more than just springs or shackles. Whether a complete drop kit with spindles and shocks, or the perfect option that includes shock/strut extenders, Accesspeed offers a wide assortment of drop kit packages.

Eibach 2871.780 Pro-Kit System: Chrysler /
Part# EIB-2871.780
$995.60  $746.70
Eibach 2873.780 Pro-Kit System: Chrysler /
Part# EIB-2873.780
$995.60  $746.70
Eibach 2876.780 Pro-Kit System: Dodge /
Part# EIB-2876.780
$995.60  $746.70
Eibach 2880.780 Pro-Kit System: Dodge /
Part# EIB-2880.780
$995.60  $746.70
Eibach 3510.780 Pro-Kit System: Mustang /
Part# EIB-3510.780
$995.60  $746.70
Eibach 35100.780 Pro-Kit System: Mustang /
Part# EIB-35100.780
$967.10  $725.33
Eibach 35101.780 Pro-Kit System: Mustang /
Part# EIB-35101.780
$967.10  $725.33
Eibach 3514.780 Pro-Kit System: Mustang /
Part# EIB-3514.780
$995.60  $746.70
Eibach 3518.780 Pro-Kit System: Mustang /
Part# EIB-3518.780
$995.60  $746.70
Eibach 4.1035.780 Sportline System Kit: Mustang /
Part# EIB-4.1035.780
$995.60  $746.70