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AutoMeter High Quality Performance Aftermarket Instrumentation, Tachometers, Gauges, Gauge Pods and Test Equipment.


AutoMeter Products, Inc. is a high technology company based in Sycamore, IL USA, with a state-of-the-art cellular manufacturing operation, world class ISO 9000:TS 16949 Certified Quality System, an advanced engineering team, and product technology that is unmatched in the instrumentation marketplace. In addition to the more commonly known Auto Meter High Performance division focused on performance and racing automotive instrumentation and electronics, AutoMeter also includes four additional branches that cater to specialty markets:

AutoMeter Original Equipment Division that works with large clients for the creation of specialty instrumentation for production vehicles.

AutoMeter Pro-Cycle Division that designs and produces product geared specifically for the motorcycle industry.

AutoMeter Marine Division, which produces instrumentation for water-borne vehicles.

AutoMeter Test Equipment Division that produces professional grade automotive battery and electrical chargers and testers for automotive repair and vehicle fleet maintenance.


Accesspeed is proud to offer AutoMeter products to our customers. With our low price match guarantee, you will always find the best combination of price and selection at Accesspeed. Whether you need a state of the art data acquisition system, vintage mechanical gauges, an electric tachometer, or a gauge pod mounting solution, Accesspeed can dial you in with AutoMeter.


AutoMeter 4380 Ultra-Lite D-PIC Gauge / AutoMeter 4380 Ultra-Lite D-PIC Gauge
Part# AUT-4380
$338.08  $260.06
Free Shipping
AutoMeter 6180 Cobalt D-PIC Gauge / AutoMeter 6180 Cobalt D-PIC Gauge
Part# AUT-6180
$337.62  $259.71
Free Shipping
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber 4731 / AutoMeter 4731 Carbon Fiber
Part# AUT-4731
$175.90  $135.31
Free Shipping
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber 4732 / AutoMeter 4732 Carbon Fiber
Part# AUT-4732
$175.25  $134.81
Free Shipping
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber 4741 / AutoMeter 4741 Carbon Fiber
Part# AUT-4741
$166.71  $128.24
Free Shipping