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Ingalls by Dorman Chassis, Alignment and Suspension Products for Lowered and Lifted Cars, Truck, SUVs


Ingalls Engineering is a leading brand of automobile steering and chassis components. For more than 30 years, Ingalls Engineering has designed, engineered, and produced premium-quality chassis, steering, suspension and alignment components in the aftermarket and OEM replacement segments. In 2017, Ingalls Engineering was acquired by Dorman Products, which gives Dorman an edge in the performance aftermarket.

What makes Dorman distinct from other aftermarket companies is their customer-first mindset. Everything Dorman does is centered around providing customer value, both in the quality of products, and the creativity of solutions. Dorman engineers and designers go out of their way to save installers, repair technicians and DIY enthusiasts time and money.

The engine that powers Dorman Products is the Culture of Contribution. Dorman empowers and celebrates new ideas throughout the organization, because that just means they have more ways to solve problems. Dorman’s family-run roots give them a spirit of entrepreneurship that accelerates their speed and agility. This is a rare combination in a fast-growing, global enterprise that makes Dorman a special place to work.