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Wilwood SL6R Front & Rear 13" 1-Pc Brake Combo, Black, Drilled, Lines, Fluid, 1962-1972 CDP 2.36 O/S

Wilwood SL6R Front & Rear 13" 1-Pc Brake Combo, Black, Drilled, Lines, Fluid, 1962-1972 CDP 2.36 O/S
Part Number: WIL-DOD-CHAR-66-13-1-B
Brand: Wilwood
List Price: $4,596.00
Price: $3,689.00

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ACCESSPEED-WIL-DOD-CHAR-66-13-1-B Wilwood Superlite Front 12.88" 1-Pc & Rear 12.88" Big Brake Kit Combo With Black Calipers Drilled Rotors Stainless Brake Lines and Brake Fluid  |  Fits these OE Drum Cars: 1966-72 Charger Challenger, 1965-72 Coronet, 1962-72 B-Body, 1970-72 E-Body, 1962-70 Belvedere, 1970-72 Barracuda, 1967-71 GTX, 1968-72 Roadrunner, 1965-72 Satellite

Fits Rear Mount with 2.36 Offset and uses the Snap Ring Bearing.

This is an all-inclusive Front & Rear Brake Kit, WITH Front & Rear Stainless Brake Lines, Rear Parking Brake Cable Kit, and 2 Bottles of Wilwood 570 Fluid!


FNSL6R billet Forged six-piston calipers with 12.88” one-piece rotors deliver the ultimate combination for braking power and style in this group of kits engineered for traditional non-ABS spindles on American muscle cars and vintage rods. Built exclusively for 17” and larger wheels, SL6 kits enhance tire and suspension upgrades on all types of custom show and high performance dual-purpose street and track machines. A full range of options for caliper finishes and rotor designs are guaranteed to catch the eye of the most discriminating enthusiast while providing optimized brake performance for every individual application.  Wilwood 140-12282-D



Forged Narrow Superlite 4R rear disc kits provide the ultimate Big Brake solution for popular muscle car rear axles that require a parking brake. FNSL4R four piston calipers, 12.88” two-piece rotors, and high performance BP-10 compound pads provide optimized and balanced braking to compliment front big brake upgrades on all types of custom, show and high performance street machines. The neatly hidden internal shoe system provides a clean installation with superior static holding power for parking. Optional caliper finishes and rotor designs allow builders to personalize the style and performance for every application. Wilwood 140-9222-D



Wilwood’s stainless steel braided Flexlines are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and are designed to fit each application.  This kit inlcudes 14" front & rear brake line kits. These premium grade Flexlines are durable and provide “hard line” pedal feel, while allowing braided line heat dissipation.



This Parking Brake Cable Kit is for Wilwood Rear Big Brake Kits.  Wilwood’s Caliper Cable Kit contains all parts necessary for effective installation on most vehicles. Kit contents include cable and sheath assemblies, clevises and hardware.



Wilwood’s specially formulated Hi-Temp° 570 Racing Brake Fluid has a minimum 570° F dry boiling point to withstand the severe heat requirements of automotive racing. Hi-Temp° 570’s low viscosity allows easy bleeding of your brake system, eliminating aeration of the brake fluid caused by foaming due to excessive pumping of the pedal. Hi-Temp° 570 comes in convenient 12 ounce containers hermetically sealed to guarantee against unwanted absorption of moisture which can drastically lower the fluids boiling point (fluid from larger containers tends to become contaminated with moisture, lowering its boiling point and making it unsuitable for racing applications).


*This Brake Kit may require 17-inch or larger wheels and/or wheel spacers. Please refer to the wheel clearance diagram to check to see if it will fit your specific wheel.


Fits the following vehicles with Front Drum Spindle:

Dodge 330 1963-1964 Dodge 440 1963-1964 Dodge B-Body 1962-1964 Dodge B-Body 1965-1969 Dodge B-Body 1970-1972 Dodge Challenger 1970-1972 Dodge Charger 1966-1969 Dodge Charger 1970-1972 Dodge Coronet 1965-1969 Dodge Coronet 1970-1972 Dodge Coronet Super Bee 1968-1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee 1970-1971 Dodge E-Body 1970-1972 Dodge Polara 1962-1964 Plymouth Barracuda 1970-1972 Plymouth B-Body 1962-1964 Plymouth B-Body 1965-1969 Plymouth B-Body 1970-1972 Plymouth Belvedere 1962-1964 Plymouth Belvedere 1965-1969 Plymouth Belvedere 1970 Plymouth Cuda 1970-1972 Plymouth E-Body 1970-1972 Plymouth Fury 1962-1964 Plymouth GTX 1967-1969 Plymouth GTX 1970-1971 Plymouth Roadrunner 1968-1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 1970-1972 Plymouth Satellite 1965-1969 Plymouth Satellite 1970-1972 Plymouth Savoy 1962-1964


Black Calipers. Please see additional listings for Red Calipers. Installation of Wilwood Disc Brake Kits may affect the wheel offset and will require a larger diameter wheel and/or wheel spacers for proper caliper clearance. All returned orders are subject to a re-stocking fee, so please make sure your wheels will work before ordering. Shipping Rates and Promotions are valid in the Lower 48 States only.  For all other areas, please contact us for a discounted rate quote.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm —

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WIL-DOD-CHAR-66-13-1-B Wilwood SL6R Front & Rear 13" 1-Pc Brake Combo, Black, Drilled, Lines, Fluid, 1962-1972 CDP 2.36 O/S $3,689.00 Add to Cart

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Fits These Applications:

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Transmission Drive
1972 Dodge Challenger - C-Body RWD
1972 Dodge Charger - B-Body RWD
1972 Dodge Coronet - B-Body RWD
1971 Dodge Challenger - C-Body RWD
1971 Dodge Charger - B-Body RWD
1971 Dodge Coronet - B-Body RWD
1971 Dodge Coronet Super Bee - B-Body RWD
1970 Dodge Challenger - C-Body RWD
1970 Dodge Charger - B-Body RWD
1970 Dodge Coronet - B-Body RWD
1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee - B-Body RWD
1969 Dodge Charger - B-Body RWD
1969 Dodge Coronet - B-Body RWD
1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee - B-Body RWD
1968 Dodge Charger - B-Body RWD
1968 Dodge Coronet - B-Body RWD
1968 Dodge Coronet Super Bee - B-Body RWD
1967 Dodge Charger - B-Body RWD
1967 Dodge Coronet - B-Body RWD
1966 Dodge Charger - B-Body RWD
1966 Dodge Coronet - B-Body RWD
1965 Dodge Coronet - B-Body RWD
1964 Dodge 330 - B-Body RWD
1964 Dodge 440 - B-Body RWD
1964 Dodge Polara - B-Body RWD
1963 Dodge 330 - B-Body RWD
1963 Dodge 440 - B-Body RWD
1963 Dodge Polara - B-Body RWD
1962 Dodge Polara - B-Body RWD
1972 Plymouth Barracuda RWD
1972 Plymouth Belvedere RWD
1972 Plymouth Cuda RWD
1972 Plymouth Roadrunner - B-Body RWD
1972 Plymouth Satellite - B-Body RWD
1971 Plymouth Barracuda - C-Body RWD
1971 Plymouth Belvedere RWD
1971 Plymouth Cuda - C-Body RWD
1971 Plymouth GTX - B-Body RWD
1971 Plymouth Roadrunner - B-Body RWD
1971 Plymouth Satellite - B-Body RWD
1970 Plymouth Barracuda - C-Body RWD
1970 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1970 Plymouth Cuda - C-Body RWD
1970 Plymouth GTX - B-Body RWD
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner - B-Body RWD
1970 Plymouth Satellite - B-Body RWD
1969 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1969 Plymouth GTX - B-Body RWD
1969 Plymouth Roadrunner - B-Body RWD
1969 Plymouth Satellite - B-Body RWD
1968 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1968 Plymouth GTX - B-Body RWD
1968 Plymouth Roadrunner - B-Body RWD
1968 Plymouth Satellite - B-Body RWD
1967 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1967 Plymouth GTX - B-Body RWD
1967 Plymouth Satellite - B-Body RWD
1966 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1966 Plymouth Satellite - B-Body RWD
1965 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1965 Plymouth Satellite - B-Body RWD
1964 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1964 Plymouth Fury - B-Body RWD
1964 Plymouth Savoy - B-Body RWD
1963 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1963 Plymouth Fury - B-Body RWD
1963 Plymouth Savoy - B-Body RWD
1962 Plymouth Belvedere - B-Body RWD
1962 Plymouth Fury - B-Body RWD
1962 Plymouth Savoy - B-Body RWD