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Brake Pads & Pad Upgrades

When should I replace my brake pads?

  • The most common indicator that your brake pads need to be replaced is persistent squeaking or squealing.
  • Many newer model vehicles have a brake pad wear indicator, which triggers a light on your dash.
  • On most vehicles, if your brake pad less than 0.25” (1/4-inch) thick upon inspection, it is time to replace your brake pads.
  • Another indicator that you need brake pads is vibration in your brake pedal when you stop.
  • If you hear a deep grinding metal sound when you apply brake pedal pressure, you probably need to get pads immediately.


Should I purchase metallic, ceramic, or organic brake pads?

Your choice of brake pad materials should be based on your specific vehicle, your braking needs, the ride you expect, and your personal driving style. If you drive a high-performance sports car, or you drive like you own one, you are best served with semi-metallic brake pads. If you drive a light duty US Domestic, Japanese, or Korean car, truck, or SUV, you may find a ceramic brake pad to be the better option. If you “drive like a grandparent” and you do not put many miles on your vehicle each year, lower-priced organic brake pads may be the best option for your driving habits. Below are details of each brake pad compound.

Organic brake pads are often made of glass, Kevlar, carbon, rubber and/or fiberglass, bonded together with extreme heat-resistant resins. Organic brake pads are often the lowest-priced option. They are quieter and reduce stress on the brake rotors. The primary complaints about organic brake pads are the large amount of black brake dust emitted, and organic brake pads tend to wear down quicker.

Metallic or Semi-Metallic brake pads have become extremely popular. Often made from a compound of iron, copper, steel, and graphite, bonded together, metallic brake pads provide good performance and transfer heat from friction. Metallic brake pads are more durable and are often used for heavier vehicles or vehicles that tow. The metallic compounds are more resistant to brake fade, and wear cleaner than organic materials. They are available in a wide range of brake pad compounds suitable for trucks and SUVs, and are more cost-efficient than ceramic brake pads. However, metallic brake pads can be noisy and tough on brake rotors, compared to organic.

Ceramic brake pads are made of stacked glass ceramic fibers, filler materials, and bits of various light metals, and held together using high-heat bonding agents.  Ceramic brake pads have gained popularity among many manufacturers in recent years. Originally developed to reduce noise, heat, and brake dust often found with semi-metallic and organic pads, ceramic brake pads are quieter and cleaner, less abrasive on rotors, and often last longer than other brake pad types. The primary concern with ceramic pads can be cost, as they are the more expensive brake pad option. Another concern is that ceramic brake pads are not designed to be used on performance vehicles or heavy-duty trucks.


Should I purchase OEM or aftermarket upgraded brake pads?

Stock OEM brake pads are designed and manufactured to meet minimum specifications created by vehicle manufacturers, so you can be assured that they will operate as brake pads are intended. However, aftermarket upgraded brake pads will outperform the OEM stock brake pads, increasing stopping power and a decreasing brake fade. People who drive more aggressively or tow a trailer tend to require better braking performance, putting more demand from an OEM brake pad. Aftermarket upgraded brake pads are the perfect step in the right direction.

EBC DP21539 Green Stuff Front Brake Pads /
Part# EBC-DP21539
$108.12  $86.50
EBC DP21645 Green Stuff Brake Pad Set - Front /
Part# EBC-DP21645
$100.83  $80.66
EBC DP21692 Green Stuff Brake Pad Set - Front /
Part# EBC-DP21692
$100.83  $80.66
EBC DP21749 EBC Green Stuff Rear Brake Pads /
Part# EBC-DP21749
$76.54  $61.23
EBC DP31704C Red Stuff Brake Pads - Rear /
Part# EBC-DP31704C
$88.68  $70.94
EBC DP31749C RedStuff Rear Brake Pads /
Part# EBC-DP31749C
$99.33  $79.46
EBC DP31763C Red Stuff Front Brake Pads /
Part# EBC-DP31763C
$121.09  $96.87
EBC DP41539R Yellow Stuff Front Brake Pads /
Part# EBC-DP41539R
$161.16  $128.93
EBC DP41618R EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads - Front /
Part# EBC-DP41618R
$132.41  $105.93
EBC DP41749R EBC Yellow Stuff Rear Brake Pads /
Part# EBC-DP41749R
$107.08  $85.66
EBC DP41761R EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads - Front /
Part# EBC-DP41761R
$156.71  $125.37
EBC DP71618 EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads - Front /
Part# EBC-DP71618
$120.27  $96.22
EBC DP71742 EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads - Front /
Part# EBC-DP71742
$144.32  $115.46
EBC DP71761 EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads - Front /
Part# EBC-DP71761
$120.27  $96.22
Hawk HB323F.724 HPS Performance Brake Pads-Front /
Part# HWK-HB323F.724
$106.89  $85.51
Hawk HB478E.605 Blue Race Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB478E.605
$179.84  $129.95
Hawk HB478F.605 HPS Performance Rear Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB478F.605
$83.38  $66.70
Hawk HB478G.605 DTC-60 Race Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB478G.605
$234.95  $189.50
Hawk HB478N.605 HP Plus Rear Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB478N.605
$97.64  $78.11
Hawk HB478S.605 HT-10 Race Front Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB478S.605
$199.99  $159.95
Hawk HB478U.605 DTC-70 Race Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB478U.605
$239.99  $179.95
Hawk HB548F.590 HPS Performance Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB548F.590
$187.20  $139.95
Hawk HB548N.590 HP Plus Performance Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB548N.590
$218.40  $169.95
Hawk HB548U.590 DTC-70 Race Front Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB548U.590
$312.00  $295.00
Hawk HB548W.590 DTC-30 Race Brake Pads /
Part# HWK-HB548W.590
$348.50  $279.95
Wilwood 150-9415K BP-20 Brake Pads - Front GTO /
Part# WIL-150-9415K
$120.88  $81.62
Wilwood 150-9419K BP-20 Brake Pads - Rear GTO /
Part# WIL-150-9419K
$88.62  $58.61