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The #1 question customers ask about performance brake rotors is what is the advantage of drilled rotors, slotted rotors, dimpled rotors, and the drilled and slotted brake rotors over plain brake rotors or stock OEM brake rotors? The short answer is improved braking performance. However, the Accesspeed team breaks it down a little further based on performance rotor types.

Brembo 47029 Front Slotted Sport Rotor Kit /
Part# BMB-47029
$249.99  $199.95
EBC GD7507 / EBC GD7507
Part# EBC-GD7507
$182.14  $173.03
Free Shipping
EBC GD7547 / EBC GD7547
Part# EBC-GD7547
$182.60  $173.47
Free Shipping
EBC UPR7518 / EBC UPR7518
Part# EBC-UPR7518
$97.12  $77.70
Free Shipping
Part# EBC-UPR7518K
$194.24  $155.39
Free Shipping
EBC UPR7521 / EBC UPR7521
Part# EBC-UPR7521
$80.88  $64.70
Free Shipping
EBC UPR7521K Brake Rotors / EBC UPR7521K Brake Rotors
Part# EBC-UPR7521K
$161.77  $129.42
Free Shipping
EBC USR7213 Ultimax Slotted Rotors - Rear Pair / EBC USR7213 Ultimax Slotted Rotors - Rear Pair
Part# EBC-USR7213
$189.00  $179.55
Free Shipping
EBC USR7518 Ultimax Series Sport Rotors / EBC USR7518 Ultimax Series Sport Rotors
Part# EBC-USR7518
$171.17  $162.61
Free Shipping
EBC USR7521 Ultimax Series Sport Rotors / EBC USR7521 Ultimax Series Sport Rotors
Part# EBC-USR7521
$278.29  $264.38
Free Shipping
Power Stop AR8258XPR / Power Stop AR8258XPR
Part# PST-AR8258XPR
$324.35  $169.99
Power Stop AR8647SPR Slotted Rotor Set - Rear /
Part# PST-AR8647SPR
$246.50  $129.99
Power Stop AR8647XPR / Power Stop AR8647XPR
Part# PST-AR8647XPR
$477.73  $239.99
Power Stop AR8649XPR / Power Stop AR8649XPR
Part# PST-AR8649XPR
$320.92  $166.88
Power Stop AR8650XPR / Power Stop AR8650XPR
Part# PST-AR8650XPR
$483.81  $249.99
Power Stop AR8653XPR / Power Stop AR8653XPR
Part# PST-AR8653XPR
$318.04  $164.99
StopTech 126.62081SL Sport Slotted Brake Rotor / StopTech STT-126.62081SL Sport Slotted Brake Rotor
Part# STT-126.62081SL
$165.00  $122.22
StopTech 126.62081SR Sport Slotted Brake Rotor / StopTech STT-126.62081SR Sport Slotted Brake Rotor
Part# STT-126.62081SR
$165.00  $122.22
StopTech 126.62089SL Sport Slotted Brake Rotor / StopTech STT-126.62089SL Sport Slotted Brake Rotor
Part# STT-126.62089SL
$192.21  $142.38
StopTech 126.62089SR Sport Slotted Brake Rotor / StopTech STT-126.62089SR Sport Slotted Brake Rotor
Part# STT-126.62089SR
$192.21  $142.38

Are slotted or dimpled rotors better than stock plain rotors?

The advantage of slotted or dimpled rotors is the improvement in stopping power. Each brake rotor disc is machined with slots or dimples on both sides to improve heat dissipation, reduce brake dust, and allow water to escape from the brake pad surface. Ultimately, Accesspeed has found that slotted or dimpled rotors keep the mating surface cleaner and cooler, reducing brake fade (also known as loss of braking power) and reducing the chance of warped rotors from high heat. While dimpled rotors work like slotted rotors, the dimples provide a drilled look with the structural integrity of slotted rotors. Slotted rotors and dimpled rotors are preferred for heavier vehicles, and any vehicle that has inherent rotor warping issues.

Are drilled rotors better than slotted or dimpled rotors?

The advantage of drilled rotors is dramatic improvement in stopping power. Drilled rotors provide maximum heat dissipation, with lighter weight due to less rotating mass. The drilled holes allow heat built up between the brake rotor and pad surface to dissipate much quicker than even slotted or dimpled rotors. Drilled rotors, which are referred to as cross drilled rotors or x-drilled rotors, are completely drilled through both front and rear disc surfaces allowing heat, gases, water, and dust to pass through and dissipate. Accesspeed testing has shown this drilling process offers a substantial improvement in braking. Drilled rotors are preferred by most for performance vehicles, whether street driving or track racing.

For the ultimate upgrade over stock replacement rotors, Accesspeed offers a few brands with drilled AND slotted rotors, which provide maximum braking performance and style.

What are ceramic rotors?

Ceramic rotors, or composite rotors, are most-often used in racing applications and ultra-high-end supercars due to the short life cycle. Ceramic rotors can provide up to a 50% weight savings compared to conventional metal rotors.  Since the rotor discs are unsprung weight, performance and handling are significantly improved on the race track.

What are coated rotors?

Most rotors are shipped with a protective coating to ensure that you receive a corrosion-free product. Some manufactures offer a Zinc plated or coating option. Zinc Coating is an labor-intensive process requiring a hand-applied operation (not sprayed), resulting in a thicker protective coating that will last. Zinc coating is a popular upgrade for anyone who lives in areas that see snow and salted roads. Accesspeed most often receives rotor orders with zinc plating for show vehicles, as the rotors tend to look new even as they are used.