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What is a master cylinder?

Simply put, the master cylinder in your vehicle generates the pressure needed for proper brake system function. The master cylinder converts the pedal pressure you apply with your foot into hydraulic pressure for the brake system. Your brake pedal is connected to your master cylinder using a pushrod. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the master cylinder pistons compress the brake fluid which pressurizes the brake lines. This pressure then pushes on the pistons in your brake calipers, and ultimately clamping the brake pads onto the rotors to slow and stop your vehicle.


How does a master cylinder work?

The pressure exerted on the brake pedal by your foot is converted into hydraulic pressure by the master cylinder. That pressure sends brake fluid through your brake lines and actuates the caliper pistons, which slows and stops your vehicle.


What is a brake booster?

The brake booster sits in between the master cylinder and driver's pedal and boosts pressure, making it easier to function when pressing the pedal. Surprisingly, it requires a great deal of force to compress the master cylinder pistons.

Wilwood 260-3501 Self Bleed Check Valve / Wilwood 260-3501 Master Cylinder
Part# WIL-260-3501
$99.96  $73.74
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