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Parking Brake Upgrade Kits & Parking Cables

We carry a wide selection of parking brake upgrades, calipers and cables that work with aftermarket brake kits. Some big brake kits require add-on calipers and/or extended parking brake cables for proper use.


What is a parking brake cable?

In most vehicles, the parking brake or emergency brake (aka hand brake or e-brake), is a mechanism used to keep the vehicle securely motionless when parked.  Parking brakes often consist of a cable connected to two of the wheel brakes. The cable is then connected to a pulling mechanism, either manual or electronic.


Is it safe to drive with bad parking brake cables?

We do not recommend it. Your parking brake or emergency brake is a safety feature and if it does not work properly, the vehicle may be considered unsafe to operate or park.  A faulty parking brake will cause the vehicle to fail a safety inspection in some states.