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Front Big Brake Kit Discount Package Combo 

These packaged Front Big Brake Kits include Stainless Brake Lines and High Performance Brake Fluid for maximum braking performance, a turn-key installation, and the package price saves you money.  


What is a front big brake kit?

A front big brake kit is a complete brake system with oversized calipers, rotors, and pads to fit the front driver and passenger side of your vehicle.  Ideally, the calipers will house larger, more efficient pistons to help increase braking performance.  The larger rotors and pads help with heat dissipation, and cooler running brakes tend to perform better. 


What does a front big brake kit do?

Stopping your vehicle quicker, in a shorter distance, and with reduced brake fade is much safer. Some people upgrade their brake pads, others choose drilled or slotted rotors, some add stainless brake lines, and even more simply upgrade to a premium brake fluid. However, front big brake kits combine all those upgrades and add high performance calipers for the ultimate way to achieve maximum stopping power. As a bonus, most big brake kits fill that gap behind your wheels and can increase your vehicle’s resale value. These front package combo brake kits achieve all of the above.  


Are front big brake kit upgrades worth it? 

This is an easy one. Yes!!!  From a safety perspective, vehicles with increased performance, larger wheels, and/or larger tires should add a front big brake kit as soon as possible. The increased stopping power of a front big brake kit can mean the difference between stopping and blowing past your stop.


What are the best front big brake kits?

While this question is loaded, Accesspeed offers several brands of front big brake kits, including Brembo, Wilwood, Baer, Stoptech, AP Racing, SSBC, Rotora, R1 Concepts, Alcon and PBR. Each front big brake kit manufacturer has its own unique place in the brake market, making it difficult to play favorites. The way Accesspeed packages our front brake kits, you end up saving more money than piecing parts together yourself. 


Are bigger front brakes needed with bigger wheels and/or tires?

Bigger wheels and tires are both bad for your brakes, but bigger AND heavier wheels and/or tires are bad for your front brakes. In most cases, a 10% increase in wheel/tire size and/or weight will reduce your front brake system performance by 10%. This problem is most obvious on trucks, SUVs and Jeeps running oversize wheels and tires. If you have already upgraded to bigger wheels or tires, you may have already learned this fact, and hopefully not the hard way.  


Why are front big brake kits so expensive?

OEM front brake systems are designed and built by the millions for production vehicles, using the least costly materials and methods possible. Aftermarket front big brake kits are designed and manufactured in smaller quantities using higher quality materials, advanced production methods, and achieving higher performance braking goals.  In addition to R&D and production investments, aftermarket front big brake kits have a higher marketing cost per unit sold. However, you can save money buying these front big brake package combos.