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Spoilers and Wings


What is the difference between a spoiler and a wing?

A wing is shaped like an upside-down airplane wing. Wings deflect airflow upward to generate down-force on the rear of the vehicle. Wings are typically mounted above the rear trunk or hatch of the vehicle. A spoiler is mounted to the rear of your vehicle and improves the overall airflow around the rear of the vehicle.


Do spoilers or wings work to create downforce?

Yes. Spoilers and wings make consistent downforce in two ways. They slow the air flow, which increases the air pressure on the rear of the vehicle, pushing it down. The air is deflected upward as it flows past the rear end of the car.

RK Sport 01011010 Camaro Rear 3-Piece Spoiler /
Part# RKS-01011010
$389.95  $311.96
RK Sport 01011035 Camaro Sport Wing Rear Spoiler /
Part# RKS-01011035
$395.95  $316.76
RK Sport 01011040 Camaro SS Style Rear Spoiler /
Part# RKS-01011040
$395.95  $316.76
RK Sport 01011046 Camaro SS Wing Rear Spoiler /
Part# RKS-01011046
$395.95  $316.76
RK Sport 04011115 Rear Spoiler /
Part# RKS-04011115
$435.95  $348.76
RK Sport 04011116 Adjustable Carbon Fiber Wing /
Part# RKS-04011116
$595.00  $565.25
RK Sport 06017000 Rear Spoiler /
Part# RKS-06017000
$395.95  $316.76