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Front Bumpers, Front Air Dams and Valances, Lower Lip and Chin Spoilers


Are aftermarket front bumper products worth it?

Yes, if you value improvements in performance, style, and safety. Front Bumpers, Air Dams, Lower Lip Spoilers, Valances, and Chin Spoilers all provide a benefit, in addition to adding style and a lower, aggressive look to the front fascia of your car. Adding an aftermarket front bumper product can improve the aerodynamic flow of air over and under the front of your vehicle, which improves performance. This also helps improve fuel mileage. Some aftermarket front bumper products can also make your vehicle safer and more stable when driving at faster speeds.


What is a front air dam, valance, lower lip, and chin spoiler?

Front air dams, valances, lower lips, and chin spoilers are custom-shaped parts that affix to the lower portion of your front bumper. These products are designed to alter the way air flows across the front part of a car to increase aerodynamic efficiency and performance. They also give your car an aggressive, low, race-car appearance.


What is the difference between a front air dam, valance, lower lip or chin spoiler?

The short answer is the manufacturers choice of product name. However, there are a few differences. Front air dams and front valances tend to be designed with a slightly taller appearance. Lower lip spoilers and chin spoilers typically a shorter-height, or thinner, appearance. These products are all designed to change the way air flows over and under the front part of your car to increase aerodynamic efficiency and performance. They also look great.

Xenon 10651 2001-'03 Durango Front Bumper /
Part# XEN-10651
$584.96  $528.41
Xenon 11711 2003-08 H2 SUV Front Bumper /
Part# XEN-11711
$526.96  $475.28
Xenon 11721 2003-08 H2 SUV Front Air Dam /
Part# XEN-11721
$680.96  $614.74
Xenon 12251 2005-06 Excursion Front Bumper /
Part# XEN-12251
$623.96  $563.52
Xenon 12511 2008 300C & Heritage Front Air Dam /
Part# XEN-12511
$588.00  $531.26
Xenon 4191 2000-'05 Tahoe 4 Dr. Front Air Dam /
Part# XEN-4191
$484.05  $437.34
Xenon 8305 1997-'06 Wrangler Front Bumper /
Part# XEN-8305
$475.96  $429.75