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Convertible Boot and Tonneau Covers


Boot and tonneau covers are designed for convertibles. Two convertible top products which are easily confused are boot covers and convertible tonneau covers. Both items are used when the convertible top is folded down. Below are the two most common questions and answers for these items.


What is a convertible tonneau cover?

A convertible tonneau cover is designed to cover the passenger and/or rear seat areas in your convertible to reduce wind drag. Tonneau comes from a French word to describe a barrel, cask or other container to protect stored items from inclement weather and theft. In the 1930s, racers designed tonneau covers to cover the passenger seat areas in their roadsters to reduce wind drag while attempting to set speed records.


What is a convertible boot cover?

The boot cover secures and covers the convertible top opening when the top is down. Whether you call it a boot cover, parade cover, top cover or convertible storage area cover, the function is the same. Boot covers protect the opening from road debris, dirt and other random items that can drop into the area for a visit. In addition, boot covers give your convertible the clean and tidy appearance of a finished roadster.