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Body Kits and Ground Effects Kits Packages


What is a body kit or ground effects kit?

A body kit (also called ground effects kit) create additional downforce and reduce air pressure underneath your vehicle to reduce drag, improving performance and increasing traction. Additionally, the overall appearance of your vehicle is improved, often making it look lower and more aggressive.


Can body kits improve aerodynamic performance?

Yes. Ground effects kits or body kits help reduce drag, improving performance and fuel economy. Most body kits today are developed from race car designs that create more downward force and reduce air pressure underneath the vehicle.


What is included in a body kit?

A body kit or ground effects package is a set of aftermarket body parts, typically composed of a front bumper or lower lip valance, a rear bumper or lower lip valance, and a set of side skirts. Some kits also include spoilers, scoops and/or fenders. Each manufacturer offers different packages for various vehicles.


Are body kits worth it?

Yes, if you value performance, safety, and style. Adding a body kit improves the aerodynamic flow of air over and under your vehicle. This translates to improved fuel mileage. Some body kits can also make your vehicle safer and more stable when driving at faster speeds. For example, adding a front bumper and rear spoiler will help keep the front and rear of the vehicle down on the ground.


Can you install a body kit yourself?

Some body kits and ground effects are easy to install yourself. Other kits may require the expertise of a body shop professional.


Razzi 159-100 6-Piece Camaro Body Kit /
Part# RZI-159-100
$1,034.00  $725.00
Razzi 193-200 4-Piece Body Kit /
Part# RZI-193-200
$1,143.99  $699.99
RK Sport 01018000 Camaro CA-800 Body Kit /
Part# RKS-01018000
$895.95  $716.76
RK Sport 02013000 Cavalier Body Kit /
Part# RKS-02013000
$635.95  $508.76
RK Sport 02014000 Cavalier Body Kit /
Part# RKS-02014000
$615.95  $492.76
RK Sport 02015004 Import Fighter Body Kit /
Part# RKS-02015004
$895.95  $716.76
RK Sport 02015010 Body Kit /
Part# RKS-02015010
$629.95  $503.96
RK Sport 02015020 Body Kit /
Part# RKS-02015020
$595.00  $476.00
RK Sport 02016000 Body Kit /
Part# RKS-02016000
$775.95  $620.76
RK Sport 02017006 Cavalier Sedan Body Kit /
Part# RKS-02017006
$789.95  $631.96
RK Sport 02018100 Body Kit - Type J /
Part# RKS-02018100
$1,645.95  $1,316.76
RK Sport 06018000 StreetFire Body Kit /
Part# RKS-06018000
$1,519.95  $1,215.96
RK Sport 09011000 2004 Pontiac GTO Body Kit /
Part# RKS-09011000
$995.95  $796.76
RK Sport 26012000 Pontiac Solstice Body Kit /
Part# RKS-26012000
$725.95  $580.76
RK Sport 28012000 Saturn Ion Body Kit - Coupe /
Part# RKS-28012000
$925.95  $740.76
RKSport 02015005 Body Kit 2000 Cavalier 2-Door /
Part# RKS-02015005
$999.99  $675.00
Xenon 11730 2003-08 H2 SUV Body Kit /
Part# XEN-11730
$3,711.75  $2,412.64
Xenon 12500 2008 300C & Heritage Body Kit /
Part# XEN-12500
$2,152.50  $1,399.13
Xenon 5840 2001-04 Dakota, SLT ONLY Body Kit /
Part# XEN-5840
$1,985.55  $1,290.61
Xenon 5860 2001-04 Dakota, SLT ONLY Body Kit /
Part# XEN-5860
$1,985.55  $1,290.61
Xenon 8360 1997-'06 Wrangler Body Kit /
Part# XEN-8360
$1,981.35  $1,287.88