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Rear Bumpers and Rear Valances


Are aftermarket rear bumpers and valances worth it?

Yes, especially if you value performance, style, and safety improvements. Rear Bumpers, and Valances provide a benefit, in addition to adding style and an aggressive, lower look to the rear of your car. Adding an aftermarket rear bumper or valance can improve the aerodynamic flow of the rear of your vehicle, which improves performance. This also helps improve fuel mileage. When used with an aftermarket front bumper, some rear bumpers and rear valances can also make your vehicle safer and more stable when driving at faster speeds.

RK Sport 02015002 Rear Bumper For Single Exhaust /
Part# RKS-02015002
$395.95  $316.76
RK Sport 02018002 Type-J Cavalier Rear Bumper /
Part# RKS-02018002
$395.95  $316.76
RK Sport 04011000 Rear Bumper /
Part# RKS-04011000
$939.95  $751.96
RK Sport 06018002 Street Fire Rear Bumper /
Part# RKS-06018002
$385.95  $308.76
RK Sport 06019002 Pontiac Sunfire Rear Bumper /
Part# RKS-06019002
$439.95  $351.96
RK Sport 24012004 Charger Heritage Rear Fascia /
Part# RKS-24012004
$240.95  $192.76
Xenon 11704 2003-08 H2 SUV Rear Bumper /
Part# XEN-11704
$804.30  $522.80
Xenon 8308 1997-'06 Wrangler Rear Bumper /
Part# XEN-8308
$390.60  $253.89
Xenon 8444 2005-06 Excursion Rear Bumper /
Part# XEN-8444
$277.20  $180.18