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Power Programmers and Performance Tuners


What is the difference between a Power Programmer and Performance Tuner?

From a product standpoint, they are the same; a hardware product that uses pre-set parameters to install different tunes into your computer to improve your engine’s performance and fuel economy. This is the most popular solution, as pre-programmed tunes have been thoroughly tested and proven, and include easy plug-n-play installation. Technically, a “tuner” is also a person who uses a computer to custom program (custom tune) your vehicle’s engine for performance and fuel mileage increases. However, for our purpose a tuner is a product.


Do power programmers and performance tuners really work?

Yes. Programmers and tuners deliver big boosts in horsepower and torque, while also helping your engine to run more efficiently, increasing mileage. Accesspeed has found that improvements will be more noticeable on some vehicles versus others, especially when you choose a proven brand.


How much does a programmer or tuner increase horsepower?

While every vehicle is different, Accesspeed customers who have purchased programmers and tuners have reported horsepower gains up to 121-HP and 243 lb-ft of torque. Diesel and turbocharged engines typically achieve higher gains than gas engines, however, it is difficult to find a better HP per dollar value than a programmer or tuners.  


Hypertech 732501 Speedometer Calibrator /
Part# HYP-732501
$249.99  $179.95
Hypertech 742501 Speedometer Calibrator /
Part# HYP-742501
$279.95  $189.99
Hypertech Power Programmer /
Part# HYP-370202
$503.94  $377.96
UniChip Toyota Tundra 4.6L, 4.7L, 5.7L Tuner Programmer /
Part# UNI-Toy-Tun
$699.95  $569.99
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