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Stand Alone Engine Management Systems and ECU


What is stand-alone engine management system?

A stand-alone engine management system (stand-alone ECU) is designed to tune your engine from scratch and provide complete control over the engine tuning and performance. Standalone ECUs are available from a wide range of manufacturers and are developed with the ability to control almost any engine you want.


What does an aftermarket ECU do?

An aftermarket ECU (engine management system) allows you to adjust every aspect of your engine, from fuel and ignition mapping to traction and launch control, and control all features and functions of the engine.


How does a piggyback ECU work?

A piggyback ECU is designed to work with the factory ECU and intercepts the signal from the sensors before the factory ECU, modifies (tricking your ECU) those signals, and makes your engine perform the way you want, based on the piggyback programming.


Do you need an aftermarket ECU to tune?

If you just want to maximize slight modifications like air intake and exhaust systems, you will most likely be able to tune and program your factory ECM to meet your needs, using a handheld programmer or chip. However, if you are converting your vehicle into a race car or off-road vehicle, an aftermarket engine management system will work great.


What is a stand-alone fuel management system?

A stand-alone fuel management system allows you to set, manage and modify fuel delivery to your engine. These ECU systems are designed to achieve maximum horsepower and torque.