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Performance Chips & Inline Modules


What is a performance chip or inline module for vehicles?

Performance chips and inline modules are aftermarket plug-in products that adjust computer parameters to increase engine power and torque.


How much horsepower does a performance chip or inline module add?

Some performance chip and inline module makers offered by Accesspeed have proven horsepower increases in gasoline engines by up to 35 horsepower, and over 100 horsepower in some turbocharged and diesel engine applications.


Do engine performance chips really work?

Yes, performance chips work. The changes made by a performance chip have proven performance results.


Do performance chips increase gas mileage?

Yes, but only if you can figure out how to keep your foot out of the throttle when you drive. Computer chips and inline modules optimize your vehicle performance, which can help with fuel economy.


Are performance chips and modules legal?

Legality of adding a computer chip or inline module to your vehicle will depend on several factors. First, if you install a chip or module that disables the emission system on your vehicle, you are most likely breaking the law in your state. Computer chips and inline modules that have a CARB (California Air Resources Board) Executive Order (EO) number are typically legal in most states, as California has the strictest emissions requirements. Check with your state prior to buying any aftermarket product.