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What are electric gauges?

Electric gauges use sensors that provide electrical connectors to which wires can connect and send information from the sensor to the gauge. Unlike mechanical gauges, electric gauges DO NOT bring fluids into the cabin of your vehicle. Today, the measurement accuracy of electric gauges make them a great choice, wherever possible. Additionally, most electric gauges are smaller and lighter than their mechanical counterparts.


Are electrical gauges better than mechanical gauges?

This has been a highly debated question since 1889, when Hungarian inventor Otto Titusz Bláthy patented the first electric gauge or meter. Installation is comparable in terms of the time and effort required to install electric or mechanical gauges. Some feel that electric gauges are safer simply because fluid-filled lines of a mechanical gauge can rupture inside your vehicle. With accuracy of both gauge types so close, the difference really comes down to your preference. As stated above, there are some advantages to electric gauges.


AEM 30-4300 Serial Datastream Gauge /
Part# AEM-30-4300
$222.17  $199.95
AEM 30-4400 Voltmeter Display Gauge /
Part# AEM-30-4400
$167.51  $122.42
AEM 30-4401 Oil Pressure Display Gauge / AEM 30-4401
Part# AEM-30-4401
$287.30  $206.85
Free Shipping
AEM 30-4402 Oil Temperature Display Gauge /
Part# AEM-30-4402
$245.28  $179.25
AEM 30-4406 Boost Display Gauge 4-In-1 /
Part# AEM-30-4406
$229.19  $165.01
Free Shipping
Auto Meter 4380 Ultra-Lite D-PIC Gauge /
Part# AUT-4380
$289.05  $216.79
Auto Meter 6180 Cobalt D-PIC Gauge /
Part# AUT-6180
$304.35  $228.26
Auto Meter Carbon Fiber 4731 /
Part# AUT-4731
$144.55  $108.41
Auto Meter Carbon Fiber 4732 /
Part# AUT-4732
$147.24  $110.43
Auto Meter Carbon Fiber 4741 /
Part# AUT-4741
$147.24  $110.43
Auto Meter Carbon Fiber 4863 /
Part# AUT-4863
$363.55  $272.66
Auto Meter Carbon Fiber 4867 /
Part# AUT-4867
$377.29  $282.97
Auto Meter Carbon Fiber 4871 /
Part# AUT-4871
$333.32  $249.99
Auto Meter Carbon Fiber 4889 /
Part# AUT-4889
$413.91  $310.43