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What is a wideband or wideband O2 sensor?

A wideband (wideband O2 sensor) is an oxygen sensor that measures the ratio of oxygen (air) to fuel vapor in the exhaust exiting an engine. This also refers to AFR or A/F ratio. Accesspeed carries a variety of brands, including AEM, Innovate Motorsports, Auto Meter, MSD and GlowShift. 


How does a wideband work?

A wideband O2 sensor is an advanced oxygen sensor with highly accurate measuring of your engine’s precise air/fuel ratio. The wideband oxygen sensor measures and reacts to the changing O2 levels in your exhaust.


What is a wideband controller and do I need one?

While a wideband sensor provides highly valuable data, a wideband controller is an equally important tool. Wideband controllers perform other functions such as heating the sensor to operational temperature much quicker that simply waiting for exhaust gas to heat it up. Most wideband controllers offered by Accesspeed allow you to read changing AFR values, Lambda and O2%. Some of these units have outlets for datalogging.