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Mechanical Gauges


What are mechanical gauges?

Unlike electric gauges, mechanical gauges use physical mechanical components with direct connection to the function it is measuring. For example, if you are measuring the pressure or temperature of oil, water or fuel, a mechanical gauge will bring fluids to the gauge, or a measuring block near the gauge, to provide accurate readings. Yes, this means you have these fluids inside your cabin, but secured inside stainless braided hoes with aerospace quality fittings.


Are mechanical gauges better than electrical gauges?

This is a tough debate. In fact, it has been a highly debated question since 1889, when Hungarian inventor Otto Titusz Bláthy patented the first electric gauge or meter. Installation is comparable in terms of the time and effort required to install electric or mechanical gauges. Some feel that electric gauges are safer simply because fluid-filled lines of a mechanical gauge can rupture inside your vehicle. With accuracy of both gauge types so close, the difference really comes down to your preference.