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What is a flywheel?

In a motorized vehicle, the flywheel is the interface between the clutch mechanism and the transmission. It is a large gear-looking metal disc, with teeth around its outer edge. The purpose of the teeth is to allow the starter to engage and turn the engine over.


Which is better steel or aluminum flywheel?

For street use, which requires stop and go driving, a steel flywheel is the best choice. The heavier weight of steel stores more energy than aluminum, which helps with momentum as you start rolling. For performance driving and racing, the type of driving you do sill dictate which flywheel material is recommended. For example, if you drag race, then a steel flywheel is better, as it provides a stronger launch off the line. If you do road course racing or run cones solo at your local parking lot, an aluminum flywheel is better, as you will be able to accelerate out of corners quicker.

Spec Clutch SC 66A-2 Billet Aluminum Flywheel / SPEC SPC-SC66A-2 Flywheel
Part# SPC-SC66A-2
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