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What is a charge pipe?

A charge pipe is a free-flowing tube that replaces your vehicle's restrictive factory intercooler piping. A properly designed charge pipe will reduce turbo-charged air pressure loss while increasing air flow from the turbo to the intercooler.


Do charge pipes add horsepower?

Charge pipes increase throttle response on most applications, but are especially efficient on high performance vehicles that have aftermarket upgrades and/or tuning.


What is the difference between a turbo charge pipe (hot side) and an intercooler charge pipe (cold side)?

Turbo charge pipes are free-flowing tubes that replace the restrictive factory piping that connects your turbo to your intercooler. Properly designed turbo charge pipes (often called hot side turbo pipes) reduce turbocharged air pressure loss while increasing air flow from the turbo to the intercooler. Basically, the hot side (turbo side) of the charge pipe carries hot charge air from the turbo to the intercooler. Conversely, the intercooler charge pipes (often called cold side turbo pipes) connect the intercooler to the air intake on your vehicle. The cold side of the intercooler charge pipe takes the cooled air from the intercooler and directs it to the intake manifold. The cold side is also referred to as the intake side.


Does a charge pipe require a custom tune or program?

A tune is not required for the installation of most charge pipes. However, charge pipes will compliment a vehicle with a good tune, allowing you to take full advantage of the free-flowing air.