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VIS Racing Sports

VIS Racing Sports, Inc. was established in 1996 and is based in the beautiful southern California.  VIS Racing has always been at the forefront of auto restyling products for imports,Domestics, trucks, SUV's, Euro and Exotic.  VIS Racing started the ultra aggressive style in Aero Kit, wide-body kits, JDM style kits, JDM conversions, spoilers and the ever-popular carbon fiber hoods & trunks.  VIS is the first to set the industry standard for GRADE A quality Carbon Fiber Hood and trunk that many customers come to expect.  These are just some of the trends VIS Racing has brought into the States, and VIS Racing is not stopping here.  VIS is always working closely with some of the talented restyling experts to bring you the most up-to-date and never-been seen styles for the US market.  VIS Racing is also working with many companies in the industry for making OEM exclusive private label parts.  VIS Racing’s main goal is to offer wide array of products to provide complete restyling; upgrade solutions to avid car enthusiasts.  The exciting new product lines include Imports, Domestic car, Truck, SUV, European cars, Exotic cars and High End Dry Carbon Fiber body parts for Street & Racing applications.  With the acquisition of Wings West product line (One of the few USA based polyurethane manufacturer), VIS Racing is excited to offer high-quality, ultra-durable polyurethane aero kits that are tailor made for the US customers.

VIS boasts the largest and the latest selection of restyling carbon fiber parts and aero kits in the industry.  As a well-established supplier in US, VIS Racing offers over 12,000 styling products for retail or wholesale trade.  VIS Racing’s carbon fiber hoods currently has over 250 different styles and VIS Racing’s carbon fiber product line spans over 4000-plus applications of trunks, hatches, fenders, roofs, doors, bumpers, lips, spoilers, exterior and interior accessories.  Therefore, VIS Racing’s inventory is ample and among the largest in the States.  VIS Racing’s Products' superior quality has won wide acceptance from retail customers and wholesale customers all over the world.  VIS Racing’s products' popularity is reaffirmed over and over again as the chosen choice of Hollywood and Game-playing world as can be seen in movies and games like "FAST and Furious", Walt Disney Pictures and the XBOX game "Forza Motorsport".  VIS Racing’s warehouse has doubled in size to 82,000 sq. ft.  to cover in house design, prototyping, product testing, production and installation.  This expansion has been completed in the first half of the year 2011 and this making VIS Racing Sports one of the largest aero styling kit companies in the USA.  VIS Racing strives to be the Home Deport of Aero Kits and Carbon fiber products, a one-stop shop for all your auto restyling needs.

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VIS 02CAESC4DOL1-010 Outlaw Type 1 Cowl Hood /
Part# VIS-02CAESC4DOL1-010
$799.99  $599.99
VIS 99CHSUB4DOL2-010 Outlaw Type 2 Cowl Hood /
Part# VIS-99CHSUB4DOL2-010
$899.99  $569.99
VIS OE Style Carbon Fiber Hood /
Part# VIS-99CHSVR4DOE-010C
$899.99  $649.99
VIS OE Style Carbon Fiber Hood /
Part# VIS-99CHSUB4DOE-010C
$899.99  $749.99
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VIS OE Style Carbon Fiber Hood /
Part# VIS-03CHSBU4DOE-010C
$899.99  $539.99
VIS OE Style Carbon Fiber Hood /
Part# VIS-02CAESC4DOE-010C
$899.99  $699.99
VIS Outlaw Type 1 Cowl Hood /
Part# VIS-99CHSUB4DOL1-010
$899.99  $569.99
VIS Outlaw Type 1 Cowl Hood /
Part# VIS-03CHSUB4DOL1-010
$799.99  $569.99
VIS Outlaw Type 2 Cowl Hood /
Part# VIS-02CAESC4DOL2-010C
$799.99  $599.99