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Valve Covers and Plenum Covers


Are all valve covers the same?

Yes and no. Yes, they all perform the basic function of keeping oil and air sealed inside, and keeping dirt and other elements outside.  However, Accesspeed has found that the difference really comes down to whether you need a taller cover, and the material used. Steel stamped valve covers are often the least expensive, but the flanges are often distorted due to people over-tightening the fasteners, which can cause a leak. Aluminum valve covers are better simply because they have thicker flanges that will not distort under the same level of overtightening. Additionally, aluminum will dissipate heat quicker than steel. For the ultimate in valve covers, carbon fiber is the ticket. The weight savings alone is significant, especially if you need taller valve covers with baffles.      


What is a plenum cover?

Plenum covers are engine cover pieces that cover the intake plenum on the top of your engine. Accesspeed offers a variety of metal and composite plenum covers, as well as complete engine cover kits, in carbon fiber, aluminum, and high-temp ABS.