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Tonneau Covers and Bed Covers


Why are they called tonneau covers?

Tonneau comes from a French word to describe a barrel, cask or other container to protect stored items from inclement weather and theft.


Do tonneau covers keep water out of the truck bed?

Yes, tonneau covers will keep water out of your truck’s bed.


Is a tonneau cover worth it?

Yes. Tonneau covers provide a function of security and storage that has value. Additionally, tonneau covers can improve fuel mileage, allowing owners to recover some or all of their costs.


Do tonneau covers improve gas mileage?

According to many experts and testing results by Accesspeed customers, tonneau covers help reduce aerodynamic drag and can improve gas mileage by 5-10%, depending on the vehicle and driving conditions.


Are tonneau covers secure?

All tonneau covers have a basic level of security when closed, and offer incrementally more security when locked.