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Ring & Pinion Gears


What are ring and pinion gears?

A ring and pinion gear set includes a grooved ring gear connected to the drive axles of the vehicle's rear wheels. A grooved pinion gear is connected to the drive shaft.


How do you calculate ring and pinion gear ratio?

Basic math! Yes, it is that simple.  The easiest way to figure it out is to count the number of teeth on each gear (pinion gear and ring gear), and then divide the ring gear teeth number by the pinion teeth number. The result, rounded to two decimals places, is your gear ratio.


What is the best rear end gear ratio?

The most popular rear end ratio in trucks and SUVs today is the 3:55 gears. These provide the best combination of towing power and fuel economy for a daily driver who tows periodically. If you tow more often, especially towing heavier loads, you may want to consider 3:73 or 4:10 gears, depending on your vehicle.