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What is an intake manifold?

The intake manifold is the part of an engine that supplies fresh air to the cylinders. It works with the air intake, throttle body, and fuel delivery system to ensure the proper mixture of air and fuel is being burned by the engine.




What does a performance intake manifold do?

The primary function of a performance intake manifold is to increase air intake and more-evenly distribute the combustion mixture (or just air in a direct injection engine) to each intake port in the cylinder head(s).  Even airflow distribution is important to optimize the efficiency and performance of the engine.


Do intake manifolds increase horsepower?

Aftermarket intake manifolds will increase horsepower and can change the rpm range at which the most horsepower is created.


How much horsepower does a manifold add?

Most people see a 15-20 horsepower increase with just an aftermarket V8 intake manifolds. If your vehicle has other aftermarket parts and/or modifications, you may see up to 30 horsepower.


Is a bigger intake manifold better?

An intake manifold designed with larger-area runners will improve the flow at higher engine speeds, but may also slow the filling of the cylinders at lower engine speeds. Longer runners will sometimes impact the power and torque production at lower engine speeds while shorter runners may move the peak torque rpm higher up.