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Grounding Kits


What is a grounding kit?

A grounding kit is a system of ground wires and hardware designed to increase ground quality throughout your vehicle. Poor or inadequate grounding robs your vehicle of horsepower and fuel economy. Poor grounding also leads to a variety of difficult-to-troubleshoot electrical issues. Our vehicle grounding kits ensure that your ignition system delivers maximum power due to all electrical components and accessories having a lower resistance return path to the vehicle ground. These grounding kits also help reduce resistance for your starter, taking away some of the stress your starter feels. Accesspeed has put together a group of grounding kits that have proven to be the best quality and most reliable products on the market today.

NRG Innovations GK-100BL Ground Wire System - Blue /
Part# NRG-GK-100BL
$59.99  $44.99
NRG Innovations GK-100RD Ground Wire System - Red /
Part# NRG-GK-100RD
$59.99  $44.99