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What is a down-pipe?

A down-pipe is an exhaust tube that directs the exhaust gases from your vehicle's turbo “down” into your exhaust system. The downpipe typically bolts onto the exhaust side of your turbo housing, and connects at your mid-pipe section. Some down-pipe exhaust brands include catalytic converters and others are simply straight-though pipes that bypass and/or eliminate the catalytic converter.


Does a down-pipe make your exhaust louder?

Yes. Most aftermarket down pipes have a straight-through design that will reduce backpressure and increase exhaust efficient. This makes your exhaust louder with a more aggressive note.


Does a downpipe increase horsepower?

An aftermarket down-pipe on any turbocharged engine should increase horsepower. In most cases, the upgraded down pipe will allow the turbo to spool quicker and hold a higher boost level.


Does a downpipe increase fuel economy?

Like most upgrades that reduce backpressure and allow exhaust gasses to exit more efficiently, you can realize a fuel mileage gain. However, most Accesspeed customers are simply unable to keep their foot out of the throttle long enough to see the fuel economy improvement.  


Are down-pipes legal or illegal in my state?

If a down pipe requires modification or removal of the OEM catalytic converter, it is likely not legal. If the down-pipe you want to order is not 50-state legal (CARB-approved) with a proper EO#, it is most likely illegal in your state. We recommend checking your state laws to verify prior to purchasing.